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Let’s enjoy SAKE 〜若乃井酒造さんと共に日本酒を愉しむ会〜

*Englis below

◇詳細 日本が世界に誇れる文化である日本酒。 老若男女、国籍に関わらず、みんなで一緒に愉しみませんか?



◇開催日:2019年 2月16日(土) ◇時間:19:00~21:00 ◇場所:仙台ゲストハウス Hostel KIKO 2Fラウンジ 〒984-0074 宮城県仙台市若林区東七番丁1−15 ◇定員:15名 ◇参加費: 一般 ¥3,500、学生・外国人 ¥2,500 ◇お申し込み方法: 下記お問い合わせ先のKIKOのメールアドレスにご連絡をお願いいたします。※定員になり次第募集を締め切らせていただきます。

◇お問い合わせ先: ①KIKO 電話:022-281-9788 又はメール( ②西城酒店 電話:080-5579-3335 ③酒縁.えび福 メッセンジャー

======================= “Sake” is nowadays popular even all over the world. Ages, genders, nationality,,, nothing matters! Why not enjoy sake together? Recently more and more people drink sake, but we know there are still many of those who think like “I like sake but don’t know it well actually” or “I can tell the difference of tastes but don’t know what really makes it different”. To answer such questions we invite a brewer from “Wakanoi-shuzo” which makes people-and-food-friendly sake in this event. We will provide the space that you can taste several kinds of sake and talk to other people. Let’s enjoy good sake, talking, and delicious food together in the international guesthouse “KIKO” in Sendai.

■Date: February 16th(Mon), 2019 ■Time: 19:00~21:00 ■Entry fee: Student&Foreigner:2500 yen ■Place: Hostel KIKO (1-15,Higashi-Shichi Bancho,Wakabayashi,Sendai, Miyagi Pref., Japan *Approx. 15min walk from Sendai Station ■How to apply please send e-mail “” =======================



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